Sookholme Koi is a family run business. Julie runs the business from from her home in the countryside, which means there is always someone on hand to offer help and advice. As you wander through the side entrance of what appears to be an ordinary home with a large front pond you will find everything a Koi keeper will ever need. Stocking fish from 4″ to 32″+, Sookholme Koi offers a large selection of koi, hand picked from Japan. Among them are Julie’s own collection of pets, including a 32″ Chagoi named Ben . To compliment the quality offered for sale, there is also an excellent range of dry goods available, all neatly displayed.

Julie has always used strict quarantine procedures when preparing his koi for sale to the public. As a founder member of the PKDA (Professional Koi Dealers Association) Julie continues to use strict quarantine routines to ensure her koi are in the very best of health before they go on sale to the public. In fact Sookholme Koi is proud to have been the first establishment in the country to have been officially accredited with Full Bio-secure Status by Dr Paula Reynolds. Customers can be assured that every possible measure is taken to ensure that each koi is in good health when it leaves the premises.

As many of the customers will tell you, it isn’t just the quality Koi, the range of dry goods or the reasonable prices that bring them back time and time again. It is the level of service, which is second-to–none and the warm and friendly atmosphere that is why so many customers become dear friends. At Sookholme Koi it is strongly believed that:


Julie runs the business from from her home in the countryside




For anyone looking for some advice from someone who knows from first-hand experience, Julie and the team will help in any way they can to ensure you purchase the right products for your individual needs, only selling products that have been tried and tested. That way the customer can be assured of purchasing with confidence.

Be prepared however to leave empty handed because if you don’t need it then they won’t sell it to you!